Location: Department of Philosophy, Cotham House, Room G2

DAY ONE – Tuesday 13th

9:30-10   Welcome and coffee

10-10:15   Opening address

Chair: Urs Schreiber

10:15-11:30   James Ladyman & Stuart Presnell: ‘HoTT,  Structure and Structuralism’

11:30-11:45   Short break

11:45-12:45   David Corfield: ‘The modality of physical law in modal homotopy type theory’

12:45-14:15   Lunch in the Susan Hurley Common Room

Chair: Benjamin Eva

14:15-15:15   Vasiliki Nassiopoulou: ‘A dipolar relation between subject and object captured sheaf-theoretically’

15:15-15:30  Short break

15:30-16:30   Jaime Robayo Mesa: ‘An approximation of sheaves in HoTT’

19:30   Conference dinner at Krishna’s Inn


DAY TWO – Wednesday 14th

Chair: Stuart Presnell

10-11:15   Eleanor Knox: ‘Choosing a mathematical framework: some lessons from General Relativity’

11:15-11:30   Short break

11:30-12:30   Benjamin Eva: ‘Q worlds: A guided tour’

12:30-14    Lunch in the Susan Hurley Common Room

Chair: Ryan Samaroo

14-15:15   Urs Schreiber & Felix Wellen: ‘Formalizing higher Cartan geometry in modal HoTT

15:15-15:45   Coffee break

15:45-17  Felix Wellen: ‘Synthetic differential geometry in homotopy type theory via a modal


DAY THREE – Thursday 15th

Chair: Richard Pettigrew

10-11:15   Thorsten Altenkirch: ‘A constructive justification of Homotopy Type Theory’

11:15-11:45   Coffee break

11:45-12:45   Andrei Rodin: ‘HoTT and the Semantic View of Theories’

12:45-14:15   Lunch in the Susan Hurley Common Room

Chair: James Ladyman

14-15:15   Steve Awodey: ‘Univalence as a logical law’